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Hang Seng Management College is the first and only self-financed degree-granting institution in Hong Kong to adopt a full residential college system. The HSMC Jockey Club Residential Colleges were completed in September 2015 with the generous support of a HKD200 million pledged donation from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The Residential Colleges (RC) are part of the HSMC campus, and it takes 5 minutes to walk from the main campus.

Residential life is a crucial part of whole personal education in HSMC. Our unique residential college system provides an ideal living and learning integrated community for students to learn and to engage in self-improvement, to develop inter-personal networks, and to nurture a sense of commitment and self-disciplines.

The Residential Colleges are led by a team of RC Masters and Associate Masters. They are senior academic staff at HSMC and are supported by a team of RC Tutors to provide pastoral care to the students residents.

Through the residential college system and its activities at HSMC, student residents and HSMC have both benefited. On one hand, student residents have undergone personal growth through this holistic college system, and have developed life-long friendships with others from diverse backgrounds. On the other hand, a sense of belonging towards HSMC has been substantially nurtured, so that HSMC is not only student residents’ alma mater, but also their second home of caring and love.

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